Wood Stove Exchange Rebate Program Extended Due to positive response from homeowners, the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) has extended its wood stove exchange program rebate program until June 30th, 2011.

The rebate program that launched in February quickly garnered interest from local homeowners wanting to replace their old smoke-belching wood stove with a qualifying new EPA/CSA low emission-approved wood stove or other qualifying appliance. The CVRD continues to receive a steady flow of applications and inquiries, and is therefore providing an extension to accommodate interested participants, as well as the local retailers and suppliers who process the requests and change out the wood stoves.

“Over the last several months, the CVRD’s numerous Burn-it-Smart workshops have raised awareness of air quality issues and of the rebate program,” said CVRD’s board chair, Edwin Grieve. “WETT certified technician Barrie Doubleday, the Oyster River and Comox fire chiefs, and medical health officer Dr. Charmaine Enns have all presented at these sessions which have motivated residents to consider their options when it comes to their old, inefficient wood stove. By extending this program we are offering the opportunity for homeowners to move to a more efficient and less polluting heating method which will provide improved air quality for themselves and their neighbours.”

Newer wood stoves will burn one-third less wood than old, inefficient stoves, reduce the risk of chimney fires and reduce smoke emissions, including particulate matter, by up to 90 percent. The wood stove exchange rebate of $250 also applies to those trading in an existing non CSA/EPA standard wood stove for a pellet stove or energy efficient gas stove/fireplace.

The CVRD would like to acknowledge the support from the following local retailers and service providers that have been instrumental to the success of the rebate program: Bennett’s Sheet Metal and Heating, Comox Fireplace & Patio, Oliver’s Power Vacuum and Chimney Sweep and North Island Inspection Services.

For more information on the wood stove exchange program and to download a rebate application form visit www.comoxvalleyrd.ca/woodstove or contact Patty Rose, wood stove exchange program coordinator at 250-898-1086 or by email at woodstove@comoxvalleyrd.ca .