Comox Valley Kitesurfing

The Comox Valley is home to a lot of amazing recreational opportunities, one of which is adrenaline filled sport of kitesurfing. On those high wind days, when most people are hunkered down indoors, those who live for the sport of kitesurfing can often be found catching some big air and zipping along the inner harbour at Goose Spit.

While it is not uncommon to see kitesurfers enjoying the wind and waves at places like Point Holmes, Kye Bay, and other ocean beach locations, Goose Spit is often the beach of choice due the the sheltered nature, calm waters (even under high winds) and easy access with plenty of nearby parking.

Kitesurfing at Goose Spit is typically only feasible when the winds are combined with high tides. Without the higher tides, there is often not enough water at the inside of the spit. While some kitesurfers will take to the waters on the outside, the larger waves and unsheltered nature are often less desirable.

Even if you are not adventurous enough to tackle the sport yourself, it can be an exciting outing to take the family to. The next time the winds and tide are both high, head out to Goose Spit – chances are there will be a number of kitesurfers out enjoying the weather!

What is Kitesurfing?

At its most basic level, kitesurfing is a water sport where surfers stand on a small surfboard, similar in fashion to a wakeboard, and are pulled through the water and into the air by way of a large parachute like inflatable kite.

Kitesurfing (also referred to as kiteboarding) is similar to windsurfing in many ways.

Kite Surfing at Goose Spit

Goose Spit is the most popular destination for kitesurfing in the Comox Valley