Nymph Falls Nature Park
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Nymph Falls Nature Park

Nymph Falls was leased by the CVRD in 1992 on a 20 year term. In 2012 this lease was renewed and extended for an additional 30 years.

In the winter Nymph Falls Nature Park is a raging high current river. In the summer the waters calm down considerable and this beautiful spot becomes a busy swimming hole for many. Swimming here is not without its risks however. Unpredictable currents  and changing water depths increase chances of drowning. It is not recommended for inexperienced swimmers to enter the water at Nymph Falls.

The leisurely walk from the parking lot is roughly 600 meters. Dogs are welcome, even off leash if kept under control. There is also a picnic area complete with a few picnic benches.

There is a large network of trails including those marked specifically for mountain bikes and pedestrians. Horses are also permitted on trails.

Wildlife: It is important to note that bears and cougars often pass through this forest. Pets and children should always be kept in sight. Making noise while in the park is recommended to help prevent startling wildlife thus reducing the chances of an attack.

Directions: Nymph Falls is located along Plateau Rd on the way to Forbidden Plateau. Shortly after crossing the inland highway you’ll find the park about 2 km’s ahead on the left hand side (shortly before the hatchery

Nymph Falls