Puntledge Park Swimming (Courtenay)

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Puntledge Park

Puntledge Park is a great place to spend a nice summer day. Complete with a small network of easy forest walking trails, places to relax on the rivers edge and enjoy a refreshing dip, a field to toss a ball or just run about, and a playground, Puntledge park has something for everyone.


For experienced swimmers the river is usually slow enough to allow for a great time in the water. For children who can not swim however, close adult supervision is of course highly recommended. It is very possible for kids to be swept down stream which could pose a great danger for those who are not strong swimmers.

Hiking / Walking

Puntledge park does offer a small network of trails that are great for a short walk in the forest. These trails are very kid friendly and accessible for most. The trails are mostly a fairly packed gravel so while they are not impossible for those in wheelchairs, they are not exactly wheelchair friendly either. There is a steep paved path that leads down into the park, so those in wheelchairs or with mobility problems may have a difficult time or require assistance.

Playground and Field

A small playground with a climber, slide, and swings sits next to the forest in a large open greenspace. The space is great for tossing a ball or frisbee, or simply having a picnic.  While this park is a “dogs on leash” park, it is not uncommon to find dogs running free here.

Bathrooms / Changrooms

At the 1st street entrance, bathrooms and change rooms are provided for the public.


Plenty of parking is available along 1st street

Puntledge Park