Browns River Falls

Browns River Falls

Browns River FallsĀ is incredibly beautiful and a lot of fun. The water is colder than many parts of the Tsolumn and Puntledge Rivers, but it is a somewhat magical place.

If you park near Piercy Rd by the transmission lines, and then walk in it will take you about 15 minutes to reach this spot. Know however, that this path is not accessible and would be considered a difficult hike in for part of the trail.

For about a 40 foot section the path is very steap and the aid of a rope (which is currently in place) is essential for scaling down to reach the falls. It is not recommended for children under the age of 5.

If you can manage the trek in however you will be greated with a fantastic time at the falls.

Browns River Falls

Browns River Falls


Piercy Road Parking – Browns River Falls

From this point, the walk is about 15-20 minutes. It is a very short walk along the power lines, then follow the first trail you see on the right.

Note: This trail is not kid friendly. There is a section where the terrain is VERY steep and the aid of a rope is necessary. Children 6 and over may be able to get up and down, but under 6 could pose a strong difficulty.

Logging Road Access – Browns River Falls

There is an easier trail that starts along Comox Logging Road. The trail is roughly twice as long as the Piercy Rd trail, but may be easier for families and children. There is a section close to the river where it does get steep and can pose some challenges however.