A Snowy Family Day Weekend in the Comox Valley

We hope everyone had a fantastic and very snowy Family Day weekend, 2021! Despite Provincial restrictions as a result of the Pandemic we hope everyone managed to find some enjoyment during this family day weekend. For some of you, the snow was likely a burden, but for many it gave an opportunity for some escape from the world situation, making great memories with your kids and limited close family we are currently permitted to see.

Comox Valley Guide on YouTubeBelow you’ll find a short video with some snowy clips from this weekend. I hope that this video brings a little enjoyment, and a few smiles to you during these uncertain times.  Please be sure to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to catch future videos! I am new at creating these, and with the help of my 12 year old daughter we are learning and hopefully getting better at producing small clips that help showcase parts of the Comox Valley.

The woods seen in this video are from the Northeast Woods in Comox. North East Woods permits dogs off leash and is perfect for those looking to get a good run in for their furry friends. Expect to run into a lot of other off-leash dogs in these woods. You can learn more about Northeast Woods here.



Note: I have to apologize! There are a couple clips within this video that were actually from up Mount Washington from a few weeks ago. The one with the kids “penguin sliding” down the hill as well as the one with our dog jumping around the kids in the snow (pre-groom – you can tell as his hair is quite long in that one!). I was working on a “winter in the Comox Valley” video, and changed it to be Family Day specific and forgot to remove those two clips.