To ensure safety of visitors to the Comox Valley Regional District’s (CVRD) exhibition grounds, as well as to protect the health and longevity of the trees, modification work on approximately 15 trees will begin later this month.

The work, scheduled to take place February 25, 26 and 27, will be conducted by a certified arborist, and is the result of ongoing annual tree assessments. “The CVRD, with help from a professional arborist, regularly conducts tree inventories and hazard tree assessments to ensure a safe, natural environment for the public to enjoy, and also to maintain the overall continual health of the trees,” said Edwin Grieve, CVRD board chair. “We also take into consideration appropriate modifications of the trees so birds and other wildlife can comfortably exist there.”

While the main focus of the work is retention, it will be necessary to remove some of the trees deemed hazardous in the trails. Trees near the stables will require modifications to ensure public safety in the equestrian area. Work on trees near the main parking lot involves reducing the weight of the branches. Eighteen new trees will be planted near the farmer’s market area to allow for enhancement of fish-bearing streams.

There will be minor disruptions to exhibition grounds users over the three days with partial closures of trails and areas of the grounds required for the arborist’s work. The public, along with exhibition grounds user groups, are asked to please respect the work zones.

Information can be found on the CVRD website at