The Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) board of directors has adopted the 2010 financial plan that includes a total consolidated budget of $61.3 million (a net operating budget for the year of $36.1 million).

The financial plan is developed based on the needs of each service and this year’s CVRD total consolidated budget is up from last year and includes new services, such as an emergency shelter for the homeless, garbage collection , water delivery and street lighting for the residents of the former Royston improvement district, and the Black Creek community centre.

“We have several significant initiatives underway in 2010,” said Debra Oakman, CVRD’s chief administrative officer. “They include enhancements to Goose Spit park, a master plan for community parks and greenways, capital improvements to the recreation facilities which will include better accessibility, and enhanced water and electrical access at the exhibition grounds.” Construction will be in full operation at the sports centre this spring and summer revitalizing the complex. The construction schedule anticipates the sports centre fully re-opening in the fall of 2010.

Three major Comox Valley regional strategies – growth, water and sewer – are underway in the CVRD, in addition to the regular services provided that include land use planning, fire protection, building inspection, drinking water treatment and supply, operation of the landfills in the Comox Valley and Campbell River, recreation facilities and community parks. The 2010 strategic priorities may be found at

“This year we will continue to provide payroll, benefits and finance support under contract with the Strathcona Regional District until the end of June, and GIS services until the end of 2010,” said Oakman. “Last year we terminated five CVRD staff who had been working on SRD-related matters as that organization moved through its transition into a more fully functioning entity. .”

The 2010 financial plan expenditures may be summarized:

The 2010 financial plan revenue sources may be summarized:

The following table shows what the approximate levy will be based on the average residential values in each area:

The solid waste service is funded entirely through tipping fees which are paid at the landfills the CVRD operates in the Comox Valley and in Campbell River. The fees, which start at $65 per tonne have remained at this same low rate since 2002.

The consolidated budget includes three funds: general, water and sewer. The 2010 increases in the overall consolidated budget reflect the capital projects underway in various services in the general fund as well as the distribution of water efficiency funds to the water service areas, Courtenay and Comox, for the implementation of their water efficiency programs. The table below highlights some of the activities that have contributed to the overall 2010 consolidated budget.

For more information on taxation (requisition) by jurisdiction or a particular service budget go to, and click on “finance” and then “adopted budget”.

The Comox Valley Regional District is a federation of three electoral areas and three municipalities providing sustainable services for residents and visitors to the area. The members of the regional district work collaboratively on services for the benefit of the diverse urban and rural areas of the Comox Valley.