Cumberland Council is looking to spend the funds it annually provides to regional economic development on initiatives that have more direct impact on the Cumberland community. On January 27, 2015, the Village gave notice to participating communities of its intent to withdraw from the regional economic development service, currently provided under contract by the Comox Valley Economic Development Society.

“The Village acknowledges that stimulating economic development in the Comox Valley is hard work, and that there is a long list of demands placed on the service,” said Mayor Leslie Baird. “Withdrawing would make the Society’s job easier and allow Cumberland to focus on its own needs that differ from those in the rest of the Valley.”
Cumberland is one of the fastest growing and youngest communities in the central Island with a median age of 38.2 years and a population growing at an annual average of 4.24%. Council believes that Cumberland is at a critical point in its development, and that focusing on the three main economic drivers identified in the recently updated Official Community Plan is key.

“ The Official Community Plan identified eco-tourism, commercial development and industrial development as the three primary sources for economic growth in Cumberland,” said Mayor Baird. “The business owners in Cumberland deserve to have a Cumberland specific organization working on their behalf to stimulate the economy.”

Cumberland is actively developing as a major ‘destination’ for outdoor recreation, heritage, arts and culture. Future commercial development would augment existing accommodation, restaurant, guiding, small retail and microbrewery services. Industrial development would focus on industries that are aimed at mainstreaming environmental, climate, and social considerations in their operations