Thank you for your interest in advertising on Comox Valley Guide! We recently redesigned our website and while we are still working out a few design bugs we are now open to advertisers! Below you will find advertising and sponsorship opportunities available on this website!

Paid Banner Advertising

feature-your-businessHome Page

On our home page we offer up to 4 spots for banner placement. Each banner is 250×125 pixels in size.

Price: $150/month or $1250/year (works out to 3 months free)

Content Page

Banners may also be placed on any of our content pages, on a page by page basis. Site-wide banner placement is not available, however, if you wish to be placed on multiple pages a special bulk rate can be negotiated. These page specific banners are 450×125 pixels in size.

Price: $50/month or $450/year (works out to 3 months free)


Full Page Listing

We can create a full page dedicated to your business. This page will include virtually anything you desire. Detailed write-up, photos, maps, contact information, address, video, logos, social links, etc. The more detail about your business the better, but you can decide just what is included.

In addition, a link to this page will be added from a relevant top level category.

Price: $200/year (Works out to only $16.66/month)

Sponsored Content

Would you like to create some substantial content for our website? Writing content about a unique feature or activity in the Comox Valley can earn you some free advertising spots within the content. For example, if you are a bike shop, consider writing an article or unique information piece about biking in the comox valley, and we will link back to your site from within the content. In addition a banner will be placed within the content and full credit will be given to the author.

We will also accept guest blog posts providing they are Comox Valley specific.

Price: FREE