About Us

ComoxValleyGuide.com was started back in the summer of 2006 and has had many transformations since that time. Our focus is to provide as much information as possible about local attractions, businesses, entertainment, general statistics and other interesting facts about the Comox Valley.

This website is not owned or operated by any official governing body. It is a hobby of mine that I am passionate about, but as a “one man show” there is likely some information on this site that is not entirely complete, or possibly out of date, but I do strive for accuracy. If you find anything on this site that seems inaccurate, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will have it corrected as soon as possible!

I am always open to content contributions in the form of written works or photographs, and welcome any and all suggestions. I am willing to trade advertising space for quality content. As a hobby it is very difficult to include all possible local information or incorporate all suggestions, but I will continue to try my hardest to make this one of the better websites dedicated to the Comox Valley and to ensure accuracy.

Scott Van Achte

Scott Van AchteBorn and Raised in the Comox Valley, Scott has a true passion for this beautiful part of the world. After a few years living in Victoria and Northern BC, Scott and his wife moved back to the Comox Valley in 2006 to start their family and raise their children. This website was created as his hobby to express and share his passion for the Comox Valley.

Scott loves just about anything the Comox Valley can throw at him including kayaking, biking, fishing & more, and can’t imagine spending the rest of his life living in any other part of the world.