Cumberland BC

Cumberland began back in the 1850’s when coal was discovered by J W Mackay in 1852 near Comox Lake. It took until 1891 before shipments of high grade domestic coal were being extracted and shipped out of the area, and homes started being build around the same time. Since then Cumberland has continued to grow.

Cumberland currently has a population of approximately 3398 (based on 2011 Census) but with the upcoming completion of two developments currently under way (Ulverston Station and Coal Valley) as well as the sizable 764 acre Trilogy development, the population is expected to grow considerably.

Cumberland consists primarily of residential, however its downtown core along Dunsmuir Ave is teaming with specialty shops & cafe’s. For the mountain bikers out there, Cumberland also has a large selection of trails suitable for the extreme riders, as well as some moderate to easy trails along the old rail grade heading towards Comox Lake.

Comox Lake is a short 5 min drive from downtown Cumberland and offers boating, fishing, swimming, and other recreational opportunities. It is also the primary water source for most of Courtenay and Comox.

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