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Where is the Comox Valley?

The Comox Valley is situated on the Central East Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is comprised of three major communities, Courtenay, Comox & Cumberland, and several smaller towns and islands including Denman Island, Hornby Island, Black Creek, Lazo, and more. 

What is the Population of the Comox Valley

According to a recent stats Canada report the total population of the Comox Valley to be 66,527. This is based on a 2016 Statistics Canada Census. In 2011 the population was reported as 63,538.

Is Stotan Falls Open for Swimming?

As of January 2019, Stotan Falls is once again closed to the public. While it is possible that the property owner, 3L Developments, may open the popular swimming hole again in the near future, at this time this is not the case.

Where can I swim in the Comox Valley?

The Comox Valley is home to many amazing places to swim. If you are looking for fresh water swimming holes such as lakes and rivers, or prefer a salt water experience, there are several options available to you. In addition, the Comox Valley currently has 3 pools that are open to the public and one pool open at CFB Comox for military families. 

You can learn more about these many swimming destinations at the following pages:

What Restaurants are in the Comox Valley?

The Comox Valley is home to a very large selection of restaurants to suit all tastes. Ranging from the standard fast-food outlets, small specialty cafes and restaurants, find dining, and several other options. You can find a large selection of the local eateries on the following pages: 

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