Courtenay & Comox

When speaking to people who have never set foot in the Comox Valley, you will discover that many do not know the difference between Courtenay and Comox. Many think that the entire area is simply Courtenay, while others think of it as just Comox. But these two areas are certainly different towns with certain things that make them unique and special in different ways.

Courtenay & Comox Population and make up Comparison

The City of Courtenay has a far greater population that the Town of Comox, however, not by that much. Courtenay has an estimated 23,000 residents while Comox falls in at about half that figure with 13,000 (according to the most recent census).

Comox consists primarily of residential with a strip of commercial down the main drag, Comox Ave, with pockets of commercial and some light industrial scattered around. Courtenay of course has a strong residential base, but also has the lions share of the Comox Valleys commercial, and nearly all of the areas industrial (which is relatively small to begin with).

Getting from Courtenay to Comox

There are a couple of main routes to take when traveling from Courtenay to Comox.

If you are at the south end of Courtenay, take the 17th street bridge and immediately after the bridge turn right onto Comox Rd. Locals refer to this as the Dike. You will travel along the water with the Comox Harbour to your right, head up Comox Hill, and be plunged into Downtown Comox.

If you are in downtown  Courtenay or on the North side of town, you may want to head up Ryan rd Hill and hang a right at the lights then head down Lerwick.  If you go this route, to get to downtown take another right a few km’s down the road at the lights on Anderton Ave.