In honour and support of the Comox Valley Estuary and its conservation and preservation, we are pleased to announce the Blue Planet Song Fest to be held on October 4, 2008, 3 – 7pm. This Song Fest is open to the public and will be held at the Comox Band Hall, 3320 Comox Road, and Comox. Local choral and music groups will share their favorite songs that honor the earth and environment with others, regardless of tradition, style or purpose. This event will complement “Heart of the Watershed: A Symposium on Restoring the Courtenay River Estuary” to be held on October 3rd and 4th. (Project Watershed Website)

Blue Planet Song Fest includes this exciting line-up. “Island Phoenix”, a woman’s barbershop chorus will perform a number of their favourite selections. The a cappella group began rehearsing in the fall of 2000. The ladies that sing in the group hold a wide variety of different occupations during the day. Island Phoenix has performed at a number of events in Campbell River and Comox Valley communities (see photo). Following their performance, at approximately 3:30Pm, will be a number of selections by the Just in Time, “We’ll Sing” Jazz Choir. This choir is made up of adult singers of all ages and walks of life who come together to have fun and make music. The group’s director, Wendy Nixon-Stothert will lead the group to perform and number of songs with a “jazzy” flavour. At 4:00 PM, the “Forbidden Plateau Barbershop Chorus”, a men’s group, will entertain with a selection of tunes featuring traditional barbershop harmony. According to Vic Crisp, the group’s spokesperson, singers in the group come with a highly varied professional background. (photo enclosed).

This group will be followed at 4:30 Pm by the Lettin’ Loose Choir of Fanny Bay. This lively choir, directed by Monica Hofer, will perform a selection of old favourites including an African peace song. The “Just in Time-we’ll SING” Jazz Choir will provide us with unique jazz numbers. At 5:00, the “Evergreen Seniors Gospel Sing Along” invites you to join them. Directed by Jeannette Harrison, the group will perform a selection of spiritual hymns and a few “fun songs.” (photo available)

At approximately 5:30, Tina Filippino of “Letz Sing!” Choir will perform. This group welcomes participants to experience the joy of singing and will encourage the audience to sing along with the performers. The finale of the Blue Planet Song Fest will feature David Embry Solest from Vancouver will engage the audience in participatory singing and chanting, with the assistance of a percussionist.

This event is open to the public – at no charge. Come and share you love of singing while honouring Mother Earth, especially our unique and fragile Estuary.

Paul Horgen for Blue Planet Song Fest Organizing Committee