CVRD Recreation Commission Supports Aquatic Centre Upgrades During Closure

On February 9, 2021 the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) Recreation Commission endorsed an ambitious plan to utilize the COVID-19 closure period at the Aquatic Centre to complete needed facility upgrades. At this time the Aquatic Centre is expected to remain closed until fall 2021.

“Our goal this year is to focus on balancing the needs of community safety during COVID-19 and ensure the recreation facilities can manage the pandemic financially to ensure sustainable services in the short and long term,” explains Jennifer Zbinden, Senior Manager of Recreation Services. “We will continue to offer activities at the Sports Centre which has remained open through the pandemic, while making improvements to the Aquatic Center during the spring and summer before the anticipated reopening in fall 2021. The proposed budget achieves this goal through maximizing available reserve funds. The downtime provides an opportunity for staff to undertake upgrades, which over the longer term will help minimize future closures.”

COVID-19 has demonstrated the need for flexibility and patience. Sustainable service delivery is not just for today but for years to come. To meet public health requirements and safety guidelines the costs to operate the recreation facilities are much greater than previous. This combined with reduced revenues due to reduced capacity to meet social distancing requirements has the recreation service operating at a net deficit just to keep the Sports Centre open. The Sports Centre has been operating throughout the pandemic at a similar cost as operating both facilities. Opening the Aquatic Centre when seasonal revenues are at their lowest would be too costly for this service and would affect future recreation service delivery in the region.

A facility assessment is currently underway for the Aquatics Centre to refine the project plans and ensure efficient use of available funds during the closure period. As well, a grant application was submitted in early 2021 for Sports Centre upgrades. If successful this grant could provide procurement and project management efficiencies for both facilities, as well as reduce future funding pressures to upgrade and maintain these facilities with aging infrastructure. Projects identified to improve accessibility and ongoing facility service life at the Aquatics Centre include:

  • Upgrading to LED lighting
  • Replace ageing epoxy pool deck and change rooms
  • Replacement of roof
  • Rust remediation on architectural structure and other mechanical upgrades to ensure ongoing service life to the facility and minimize future down time as determined by assessment
  • Replacement of sound system
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging station

For more information on the 2021-2025 recreation financial plan visit: To register for available spaces at the Sports Center visit