Its been around in the lower main land for some time now, and very soon, 10 digit telephone dialing will be integrated into the rest of the province.

With the high demand on phone numbers, the current 250 & 604 area codes are just not enough, and the integration of a new 778 area code will begin as of September of this year, just a few short months away.

For now both the traditional 7 digit, as well as new, 10 digit dialing will work. As of June 23rd, callers dialing 7 digit numbers will hear a recorded message reminding them to switch to 10 digit dialing, and as of Sept 12th of this year, 10 digit dialing will be required.

Now is the time to switch all of your pre-programmed numbers over. Just think of all the extra calories you will burn dialing those extra three digits every time you make a call!