Stotan Falls


Due to extremely dry weather and extreme fire hazard 3L Developments has closed access to Stotan Falls effective immediately out of concern for public safety.

Stotan Falls

Stotan falls is a terrific place for a refreshing dip in a pot hole, or in some of the slower moving rapids. For the adventurous ones, there are some great falls to jump from.

Stotan falls is generally a safe place to swim, however, be sure to check the water levels. If there are any posted warnings regarding water levels stay out of the river.


To get to Stotan falls, head up lake trail road in West Courtenay and turn right on the Comox Logging Road. Stay on the logging road, veering right when you reach the industrial area. A short drive further you will come across the water pipeline followed by another bridge. This part of the puntledge river is Stotan falls.