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Stotan Falls

The largest waterfalls on the Puntledge River! Check out this amazing Comox Valley attraction!

Stotan Falls

Stotan falls is a terrific place for a refreshing dip in a pot hole, or in some of the slower moving rapids. For the adventurous ones, there are some great falls to jump from.

Stotan falls is generally a safe place to swim, however, be sure to check the water levels. If there are any posted warnings regarding water levels stay out of the river.


To get to Stotan falls, head up lake trail road in West Courtenay and turn right on the Comox Logging Road. Stay on the logging road, veering right when you reach the industrial area. A short drive further you will come across the water pipeline followed by another bridge. This part of the Puntledge River is Stotan falls.

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In the News

While it is currently open, Stotan falls was closed by owner, 3L Developments a few years back following a dispute with the Comox Valley Regional District. They did eventually re-open the falls but its long-term future is uncertain.

Stotan Falls Open – for a Fee

In the summer of 2017, 3L Developments began charging users to access Stotan Falls. Their rate, $5 per person or $10 for a family. They also began charging $2 for cars and $5 for trucks and $1 for cyclists to pass through the toll booth.

Weather Closes Stotan

Due to extremely dry weather, Stotan was also closed in the Summer of 2015 due to a fire risk of the neighboring lands and public safety. They did re-open after sufficient rainfall had occurred. (See “Stotan Falls Closed“) This is something that is likely to re-occur in future hot summers.

Sound Off!

Share your memories & stories about Stotan Falls! What do you like best about this magical place? What keeps you coming back? Why is it special to you?


  1. Resident Disappoints

    Was the best place for a swim in the valley. Now I just witnessed a guy working for the owners if of the property jacking 13 year old kids for 5 bucks a swim.

  2. Michelle

    U have to pay now?

  3. Phil

    Pay to enjoy nature? Come on…
    Let me charge you for the sunshine too while you’re at it.

  4. Sheila Gallant

    Are dogs allowed at the river with its family?

  5. Marnie

    Are dogs allowed?

  6. Dee

    Bizarre that this has become such a “business opportunity”, not only charging for a family, but their car too. So…if two couples come in one car, is it $20 plus parking??!!


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Stotan Falls