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Comox Valley Restaurants

The Comox Valley is home to numerous restaurant options ranging from the quick and easy fast food, to the gourmet sit down experiences. There are ample cafe’s, diners, and hidden treasures available for great food in the Valley, but if you are still craving that franchised fast food experience the Valley of course has many well known options as well.

Asian Cuisine

The finest Chinese, Japanese and Thai Food available in the Comox Valley. Lots to choose from!
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Comox Valley Chinese & Asian Food


Who doesn’t love pizza! Find a list of national chains as well as a number of local favorites.
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Comox Valley Pizza


There are now a number of Mexican restaurants available in the Comox Valley.
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Mexican Food

Bar & Grill

Bar’s, Grill’s, and Neighborhood pubs. The perfect place for a beer and a burger
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Bar & Grill

Fine Dining

For a romantic, or formal occasion these are some great spots to check out
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Fine Dining

Family Restaurants

Restaurants for a good family and kid friendly meal. Good food, relaxed atmosphere.
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Family Restaurants


Coffee shops, Cafe’s, and small restaurants for a casual, relaxing and fast meal.
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Comox Valley Cafes

Fast Food

McDonalds, A&W, Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s, as well as local establishments, Burgers, etc.
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Fast Food