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Featured Photographers

Are you interested in having your Comox Valley photography featured on our website?

We are looking for local photographers interested in having their local photography featured on our site.  Photos may be featured on our home page or on relevant internal pages of our site. A summary of all used photos will also be posted to our Featured Photo’s page.

Home page photos will be cropped and posted with a resolution of (980 x 350). Photos used as featured images for internal pages will be cropped to (650 x 300).

Regular contributors will be featured on our “about us” page as a contributing member of the website. This will include a full bio with links to social and professional/personal websites, and just about any information about your business you would like listed.

To become a featured photographer, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to submit your first image!

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Terms for Photo Submission

  1. You grant us full permission to use the photo in any way we see fit within the domain or on our Facebook page. Note that credit will always be given when your photo is used. We will remove the photo from this website upon your written request.
  2. By submitting your photo, you are indicating that you are the photographer and have full rights to grant us permission to use this photo
  3. Photo MUST be taken of some part of the Comox Valley
  4. We must be able to crop the photo in order for suitable use within the website
  5. We reserve the right to refuse use of any photo for any reason. Most common reasons include unsuitable subject matter or photo resolution.