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Featured Photos

The following are photos submitted to Comox Valley Guide by site visitors like you! Submit your own photo today and have it featured throughout our site! Contributors who submit multiple photos for use on our site will be given their own separate galleries. Those who submit a single photo will be in the group gallery below.

Thank you to all our local professional and amateur photographers who have submitted to our site!

Photos from Scott Van Achte

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Photos from Kevin Marquette

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Photos from Kirk Friederich

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Photos by Yvonne Laviolette

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Photos from other contributors

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Submit your photo to us today! If we feel your photo is appropriate we will feature it in our rotating featured photos and include it on this page.
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TERMS: (Photos MUST be taken in the Comox Valley to be considered. We reserve the right to reject publishing of any photo for any reason. By submitting your photo you are granting us permission to use the image in any way we deem appropriate on the website, however, you of course retain legal ownership. Anywhere we use your photo you will be given proper credit, and we will always use your photo tastefully. If you would like your image removed from the site, simply contact us in writing, and we will remove it within 30 days)