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Landscaping & Property Maintenance

The following is a selection of landscaping, property maintenance, tree services, and other related businesses in the Comox Valley.


Comox Valley Tree Services

The following are tree care professionals and arborists located in the Comox Valley. Maintenance, pruning, tree removal and other tree related services

Grow Tree Care

Grow Tree Care
Serving the Comox Valley


GrowTreeCare Services encompass a tree throughout its life cycle:

From planting with particular consideration of species and location, and pruning from youth to maturity (while maintaining health, structural integrity, and aesthetics) to mitigating health issues, fertilizing, and removing a tree in decline (or when appropriate with respect to client objective).

Our maintenance strategies strive to strike a balance between these three goals:

  1. your wishes and objectives
  2. tree health – making decisions based on the long term health of the tree
  3. aesthetics – keeping your trees beautiful and respecting their natural form

Urban Tree Maintenance | ISA Standard Pruning | Spurless Climbing | Tree Removal
Tree Health Assessment | Consulting & Reports | Soil & Plant Health Care

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